Add colour and flavour with lovage leaves and tulip petals

Spring, being the season of transformation, is the perfect time to change your diet, and go vegetarian! Becoming vegetarian can be daunting in the beginning but you can use the appeal of spring to beautify your food!

Leaves and flower petals can easily make your food more attractive, just use them to dress up your teas, salads, soups, dips! The diverse range of culinary presentations with their friendly appearance, will help you in going vegetarian.

Adding mint, oregano, sunflower, daisy or lovage leaves will bring colour and flavor. Perfumed flowers such as bergamot, lavender and citrus blossoms will give a spicy touch to your savory and sweet dishes.

The vibrant colors, textures, scents and flavors of rose, violets, tulips, are also perfect for floating in drinks or scattering across main dishes and desserts.

If you want invite your friends to join your new veggie diet you can prepare a delicious dinner decorated with flowers and leaves. Take inspiration from our suggestion:

Homemade organic Hummus topped with lovage,topped with tulip petals. The sauce is made with the remains of the hummus that was in the blender with olive oil, soy sauce and lots of lemon, plus bread from the farmers’ market.

If you want to add colour with petals, make sure you eat flowers you have grown yourself, or know to be safe for consumption. Flowers from the florist or nursery have probably been treated with pesticides or other chemicals and should not be consumed.

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