Jenn making fresh squeezed lemonade.

My name is Jenn Sorrell and my journey towards veganism began with a big, gregarious pig. While on holidays with my husband in England, we visited a small-scale farm and were greeted, most pleasantly, by a large black sow. As our snub-nosed friend rolled onto her back in front of us, clearly desiring a belly scratch, I realized that not only were pigs intelligent, curious and affectionate creatures but beings with their own agenda and their own deep desire to live.  I stopped eating pork immediately after that trip.

Wanting to look into the issues surrounding how we fill our plates, I picked up Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and once I was done, I was vegan. Motivated primarily by the animal welfare issues, I went on to read The Food Revolution by John Robbins, (of the Baskin Robbin’s empire) to learn about the health and environmental aspects of our diets. The more I read, (Mad Cowboy, The Kind DietMain Street Vegan, The China Study), the more my thoughts on the matter solidified and the more I believed that my choice was the best choice not only for the animals, but for my health and the health of the environment. I not only felt great physically, but also spiritually knowing I was making a conscious effort to align my values and beliefs with my actions.

In addition to being part of the Veggie Challenge Team and helping others to make the transition to an animal-free diet, I write a blog called The Vegan Sprout that includes an advice column, my personal experiences living a vegan lifestyle, and interviews with inspiring people in the plant-based movement. I also love to cook and bake and can be often found at my local branch of the Toronto Public Library, trolling the shelves for the latest vegan and vegetarian cookbooks.

I am inspired, every day, by this compassionate lifestyle and look forward to playing a role in helping others to make the transition – it’s the tastiest, loveliest, most wonderful thing you could do!

Jenn was a past coordinator of the Veggie Challenge.

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  • Guest Posted September 29, 2014 1:31 am

    For the past ten days I have not eaten meat. And fortunately it has been quite successful. I greatly admire that you took the initiative to care not only for the animals but also for the environment.

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