“I’m trying to lose weight and carbohydrates will make me fat.”

Don’t believe a word of it! Seriously! Your body absolutely, positively must have carbohydrates as fuel – otherwise your body won’t operate as optimally as it should.  In fact, your brain depends exclusively on the glucose originating from the carbohydrates you consume.

Depriving your body of the carbohydrates it needs is not a healthy way to go – nor is it a good long-term weight loss solution. It’s the typically fatty stuff we put on top of our carbohydrates that cause weight gain. And, remember, carbohydrates have less than half the calories of fat! Do your body a huge favour and eat up those carbs – the good, complex carbohydrates that is!

– Bev Miller, RD

One Veggie Challenge participant wrote us:

“My health had deteriorated after 7 years of living a low carb, high protein diet, so I could keep my weight low. My kidneys were not working properly, I had psoriasis, constipation and had alopecia areata. It was the hair loss that really had me stop, re-evaluate my life style and seek guidance from a naturopathic doctor. She had me on a vegan diet for 2 months to help detoxify my system. My kidney’s are starting to filter the toxins again, my constipation is a thing of the past, my psoriasis, which I had for 20 years had disappeared and my hair began to grow back.”
– Susan, age 30’s, Brampton, ON


“I find the food very satisfying, I no longer crave bad carbs! And that is the best part for me as I would always go through my cupboards looking for cookies after a high protein, low carb dinner. I found myself totally satisfied and with no cravings and this was my PMS week! My energy levels are high, and I feel… cleaner on the inside.”
– Isabella, age 30’s, Brampton, ON

“I am 42 years old and have always had a weight problem. We’re not talking about 5-10 pounds either, we’re talking about 40-50 pounds. I’ve done weight watchers (3 times), the nutra-system, Atkins for almost two years (I cringe when I think of that! I did lose weight but felt lousy all the time), I’ve read all the books out there (Carbohydrate Addicts, Protein Power, the Cave-man Diet, Dr. Phil’s book, Blood-type Diet, South Beach, Sugar Addicts diet, Susanne Summers book to name a few), I’ve joined Curves, and I even trained and actually run a marathon.  I lose some weight and then slip off the diet and gain more. What was worse than the weight problem though, was that I would get headaches, have moodiness (major ups and downs) and PMS symptoms, predominantly lower back pain. …I joined the Veggie Challenge … As of January 1st, I have lost 11 pounds, but more importantly, I feel great. It’s not about the weight anymore. It’s about eating anti-inflammatory foods, disease prevention and compassion for animals.”
– Anna, Sault Ste Marie, ON

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