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Those who take the Veggie Challenge and share their experience will have the chance to win one of several prizes. Prizes will be assigned annually. Two random winners will selected from among everyone who shares a story, photo or video reflecting their experience. And at least one person will win a double prize for the best sharing of the year.

Please consider sharing things like how and when you became interested in vegetarianism, your motivations, how the week went, any challenges that you faced, reactions from friends and family, etc. You can also describe some of the best (or worst) meals that you made, ordered in, or ate out? We will be posting the best of your sharing on our website and social media sites through out the year. We look for honesty, effort, passion and inspiration. We also aim for a mix of ages, diets and reasons.

Note: Other prizes may be added for special promotions during the year.

One person’s photo submission
One person’s photo submission

Requirements to be eligible to win prizes

  1. Complete the Veggie Challenge
  2. Fill out the post survey
  3. Complete the survey question about sharing a short story, photo or video about your experiences. Other options are: sending us a link to a blog post you wrote, or sharing on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube by using the hash tag #veggiechallenge
Prizes are good for anywhere in the world.

Prize details

Those who win will have a choice of:

$30 toward a dinner at a vegetarian restaurant

Find a vegetarian restaurant nearby or in a city that you plan to visit. Take a photo during or after the meal (ideally a photo of yourself with some of the dishes or a photo of just the food). Optional: include a few sentences about the restaurant experience. Send this to us by email and include a photo of the receipt. We will send you a cheque or eTransfer for the cost of the meal up to a maximum of $30.
• To find a vegetarian restaurant near you go to and type in your city, zip, or postal code.

Becoming Vegetarian

Vegetarian cookbook / book / or DVD

Purchase a vegetarian book online and send us the receipt. We will send you a cheque or eTransfer for the cost of the book (up to $25). See our page of recommended cookbooks available from Amazon. Note: if you live in Toronto, you may choose a cookbook or book or DVD from Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Resource Centre  worth $25 or less.

$40 toward a vegetarian cooking class

Attend a vegetarian cooking class and take a photo during or after the class (ideally a photo of yourself with some of food that got made or a photo of the food). Optional: include a few sentences about the class. Send this to us by email and include a photo of the receipt. We will send you a cheque or eTransfer for up to a maximum of $50 ($100 for story of the year). To find a cooking class near you try doing a google search (or see Toronto cooking classes  if you live in the Toronto area).

$50 toward a vegetarian vacation or retreat

Find a vegetarian vacation spot that you would like to visit. Take a photo during your time there (ideally a photo of yourself or a photo of the location or activities there). Optional: include a few sentences about the experience. Send this to us by email and include a photo of the receipt. We will send you a cheque or eTransfer for up to $50. Click on this google search to find a vegetarian retreat, bed and breakfast, or vacation spot.  For Ontario, also see’s Ontario vacation page.

Joining a vegetarian group

Winners will be asked to email us the name of a vegetarian group that they would like to join. Click on this google search to find a vegetarian organization. If you live in or around Toronto, we recommend Toronto Vegetarian Association where you will receive Lifelines, a quarterly newsletter filled with news, articles, recipes, restaurant reviews, event information, and much more. But you are welcome to join any other veggie group around the world,

We will contact the group about providing a free membership. If we are not successful, the winner will be reimbursed for the cost of joining (up to $30). Just send us the receipt by mail or email it (by attaching a digital photo of it).


Top sharing of the year

At least one person each year will win a membership in a vegetarian organization of their choice plus one of the following prizes: choice of up to $60 towards a dinner for two at a vegetarian restaurant, two vegetarian cookbooks, or $100 toward a vegetarian cooking class or vacation spot.


Additional notes

• Any restaurants, cooking classes, vacation spots, or organizations that you select for your prize must be entirely  vegetarian (not serving or promoting any meat or fish). It is nice to support meat-free places.
• Only submitted stories, photos and videos that are original, clear, not offensive and in the case of stories, written in an understandable manner, will be posted on our site and eligible for the prizes mentioned above.
• We may use your photos and videos for posting on the Veggie Challenge website and our social media sites. If you ever decide that you no longer want them shown, we will remove them promptly.
• In general each winning entry is restricted to one prize.
• Prizes must be claimed within 12 months after the date that we notify you.

We encourage you to support the Challenge by making a donation to Toronto Vegetarian Association, the organization that runs the Veggie Challenge.

For prizes and winners from the previous version of the Veggie Challenge see our Past prizes page. Note: we missed a few years while transitioning to a new website and organizing structure. The Veggie Challenge is entirely volunteer run.