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Vegetarian menu plans

Also see our recipes to print page.

The following plans will give you an idea of what a vegetarian or vegan may eat during the course of a day or week.  You can follow them precisely, or use them as a guide and substitute recipes.

Week One: the 7-day Veggie Challenge

This menu plan will be posted here in the near future.

Phase 2

The following are for an optional Phase 2 where you can continue on the Veggie Challenge for three more weeks. You can also try any of these during week one.

Week Two

Menu plan (one-page pdf),
or download as a Word document.

Week Three

Menu plan (one-page pdf),
or download as a Word document.

Week Four

Menu plan (one-page pdf),
or download as a Word document.

Menu plan tips

Feel free to mix up and rearrange the menus to suite your tastes. Improvise and include your own favourite recipes. Use your imagination. But do plan ahead – it will keep you on track.

Pack leftovers for easy lunches the next day. Make extra servings at dinner. There is no need to make a different lunch everyday. Not into leftovers? See our lunch page for veggie sandwiches and other quick ideas.

Freeze extra leftovers. Use individual size portions for a future time-saving lunch or dinner (remember to label and date the container). Using up leftovers save time, money and helps avoid waste.

Other meal plans Vegan menus 
Two-week sample vegan menus with recipes. Many of the recipes use veggie ‘meat’ products, which are quick-cooking but no good if you avoid soy. Includes a version that can be printed.

NutritionMD – make your own custom meal plan
Get menu ideas to plan meals for the whole week, and print out recipes and a shopping list of all the ingredients you’ll need. It is a bit of work to set up – for each meal you choose from a list of items. Start by creating a free account.