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We make it easy!

You will receive delicious recipe ideas, easy meal solutions, nutrition info, new product tips and other valuable advice to help you along the way. You could even win some prizes such as cookbooks and dinners at vegetarian restaurants!

We will send you information on:

  • Vegetarian-friendly restaurants
  • Fast food options for eating out and ordering in
  • Tips for shopping and meal preparation
  • Shortcuts to vegetarian cooking
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Recommend books and videos
  • Where to get protein, iron, B12, etc
  • Nutrition myths (and a daily quiz)

Customized to your situation

When you sign up for the Veggie Challenge, there is the opportunity to tell us about your food and shopping preferences, location, age range, whether you want to try going vegetarian or vegan, and more. We will then send you appropriate food and nutrition information, address any concerns you may have, and recommend restaurants and food stores that are near to where you live.

Rest assured, your privacy is protected. We only ask for your first name and any information you share with us is keep strictly confidencial. See privacy policy.

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    Get motivated

    There are lots of great reasons to go vegetarian or vegan. Check out top 10 list, and recommended videos. Check it Out!

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    Cool Prizes

    Dinners at vegetarian restaurants, cookbooks, cooking classes and more. Lots of chances to win. View Prizes

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    We have recipes and meal plans that you can print. Plus recommended books and DVDs. View Resources

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    Ask questions

    Check out our FAQ's page, or ask a question of your own. View FAQs